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Timothy Jost Analyzes The Current State Of “Obamacare To Trumpcare”

Bethesda, MDHealth Affairs is launching a monthly series in the journal, EYE ON HEALTH REFORM, to provide a concise summary of recent developments concerning the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It is authored by Timothy Jost, a widely recognized expert of health law, who has closely followed the creation, implementation, and challenges to the ACA. In the inaugural edition, “First Steps Of Repeal, Replace, And Repair,” Jost writes: “The United States has never experienced a sea change in national health policy like that which occurred during January and February of 2017.” He examines the current state of play for health reform, describing the Trump administration’s executive order and other actions concerning the ACA; options currently being discussed by different members of Congress; and the status of cases in the courts, such as House v. Burwell, all initiated during the Obama administration. Regarding the proposed ACA “market stabilization” rule, sent on February 1 by the Department of Health and Human Services to the Office of Management and Budget, Jost writes: “It could indicate that the Trump administration is interested in stabilizing rather than destroying the individual market and will proceed through the regular rulemaking process to change Obama administration policy.”

First Steps Of Repeal, Replace, And Repair

By Timothy S. Jost

Jost is an emeritus professor at the Washington and Lee University School of Law and a contributing editor of Health Affairs.

This edition of EYE ON HEALTH REFORM will also appear in the March issue of Health Affairs. For more detail and frequent updates on health reform, from Jost and others, visit Health Affairs Blog and From Obamacare To Trumpcare, Health Affairs’ portal for health reform-related content.

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